Everything you need to know.
Right in the palm of your hands.

Your 24/7 partner in health helping you to

From getting set up, to learning about your treatment,
to 2 click medication refills, you have a 24/7 partner in health.

Get answers to all of your questions . . .
before you even ask.

Get answers to all of your questions before you even ask.

Support and Knowledge That Comes to You.

You'll never have to chase down answers to your important questions or resources to learn more about your medication or condition.

Through each step of your journey, you get personalized emails and text messages that explain the ins and outs of your treatment plan and how you can see the best possible results.

And it's all a click away. (Or a phone call if you want to talk instead!)

Here's how the BioPlus Patient Onboarding Journey™ works.

Here's how the BioPlus Patient Medication Journey™ works.

To make sure you're fully set up with BioPlus, finish these 3 steps now.

E-sign your
consent forms.

Before your treatment can start, we’ll need you to sign 3 consent forms that give us permission to serve as your specialty pharmacy.

Transfer your
(if you have one).

If you were receiving care from another specialty pharmacy, fill out this form to transfer your prescription to BioPlus. (If you weren’t, you can skip this step.)

Create your Patient Dashboard login.

Register for the Patient Dashboard so that you can see your medication status and order your qualifying prescription refills in 2 clicks.
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