We believe that access to life-saving medication should be a promise, not a pipe dream —
for every person, everywhere.

This is the driving force behind BioPlus. We exist to make access to high-cost
and life-saving treatments faster and easier for patients around the corner
and around the world. It's only possible 2gether.

It all starts with the

It all starts with the

It's the world's first 2 hour, 2 day, 2 click, 2gether promise.

This means that our patients and providers can count on 'fast and easy' through every specialty medication referral, fill, and refill.

2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™

When we receive a referral, our admissions team immediately contacts the patient’s insurance company about their plan’s pharmacy benefits. We’re then able to tell the doctor’s office within 2 hours if we can fill prescription.

If the prescription needs a prior approval, we’ll work with the doctor to get and submit any needed paperwork.

Even when we’re prevented from filling the prescription, we don’t leave the patient hanging. We transfer the prescription to the specialty pharmacy required by their benefits plan and then notify the patient and doctor’s office.

2 Day Ready 2 Ship™

All covered, qualifying prescriptions are packed at our headquarters and ready to be sent out in just 2 days. After that, the medication will arrive at the patient’s door or their doctor’s office next day delivery or a later delivery date of their choosing.

But sometimes, even medications that are covered by the patient’s health plan can be delayed in the approval process by the insurance company.

If that happens, we work with the doctor to get any needed paperwork. Unfortunately, this step can take extra days or even weeks to get the insurance approval we need to fill the prescription. 

2 Click Prescription Refills

Our 2 Click app makes it easy for patients to refill qualifying medications. They can use 2 Click as long as they don’t have any changes to their shipping address and insurance information. 

Using their phone or other mobile device, the patient can simply select a preferred date of delivery and click submit. That’s all we need to pack the refill and send it on its way to their home.

They’ll get a reminder (by text and email) 10 days before it’s time for a refill with a link that launches the 2 Click app.

2gether Better Treatment Access for All

Working 2gether, more patients can access high-cost and life-saving treatments faster and easier — around the corner and around the world.

Around the Corner: At home, BioPlus serves our local communities by partnering with public nonprofit foundations and drug manufacturers’ programs that help patients afford their high-cost medications.

Around the World: For each referral, BioPlus donates one life-saving antibiotic to OneWorld Health, a nonprofit organization that builds self-sustaining medical centers in developing countries.

Providers, patients, and even the media rank BioPlus #1.

Rated 4.8 (out of 5) stars, according to 1100+ patients

Ranked one of the ‘Best Online Pharmacies’ of 2023

Rated one of the ‘5 Best Online Pharmacies’ of 2020

Achieved 93% patient survey satisfaction rate in 2022

BioPlus is Part of the Carelon Family

The Carelon family provides healthcare services that touch the lives of 1 in 3 Americans. 2gether with BioPlus, Carelon supports consumers, families, and communities across the entire care journey – connecting them to the care, support, and resources they need to lead healthier lives.

Learn about the people who make it possible.

Interested in making a difference around the corner and around the world?

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