BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy (BioPlus), a CarepathRx company and the leading independent specialty pharmacy in the United States, today announced that capecitabine, a generic oncology medication, is ready to ship to patients within 24 hours of receiving a complete physician referral.

acy (BioPlus), a CarepathRx company, announced today that Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D., CEO will be retiring. Dr. Vogt founded the company more than 32 years ago. Mark Montgomery, currently President of BioPlus, has been named to succeed Dr. Vogt as CEO.

The company that would eventually become BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy was founded more than three decades ago, on March 13, 1989, by Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy (BioPlus), the leading independent specialty pharmacy in the United States today announced that it has scaled its business with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The initiative allows the company to gain greater scalability, security, and speed for its patients and healthcare provider customers who benefit from its ‘fast & easy’ specialty pharmacy services.

The Orlando Sentinel, partnering with the research company Energage, announced this year’s Top Workplaces of Central Florida. Once again, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy earned a prestigious spot in the top ranks of midsize workplaces of 2021. 

ioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a CarepathRx company, announced today the launch of its highly anticipated California-based specialty pharmacy.

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