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With the world seemingly turned upside down with most states enacting stay at home orders, most schools now only online, and adjustments that many of us are making to working from home, finding new routines for your life can bring a sense of normalcy.

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Finding Peace in Routines

Creating a routine for your new work life (and homebound life) brings structure and discipline, but more than that it can bring a much-needed feeling of order to manage stress and anxiety.

An easy way to create a new routine for your stay-at-home life is to draw on your obligations.

As you conduct your work that likely is now remote, set up time at the front end to eat breakfast, make a hot beverage, or perhaps exercise before your workday starts.

Treat your workday as a structured time, in which you build in time for breaks, lunch, or perhaps a longer break with mid-day exercise.

Creating an exercise routine brings additional benefits, as activity boosts your physical and mental well-being during this state of national emergency.

Although gyms are closed, you can dust off a home treadmill, stream a yoga class, go for a neighborhood jog, or just do some pushups and sit-ups in your living room.

Establishing an official workday end time, which you sign-off from your work-from-home duties, can also bring a feeling of groundedness in the midst of uncertainty.

Let each day have a rhythm of work time and personal time.

At the end of your remote workday, plan a nourishing dinner, watch a favorite show with the others at your home, connect with family and friends through a video chat, or find other ways to bring joy into each and every day.

Remember, you can count on BioPlus in these tough times, and in the better days ahead.

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