2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee

No more waiting! At other specialty pharmacies, most patients and doctors wait days to find out if their prescriptions can be filled, creating anxiety for patients and wasted time in follow-up calls for the physicians.With the 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee, BioPlus streamlines the treatment process for both patients and providers. Referred patients quickly find out if they are admitted pending insurance qualifications. No other specialty pharmacy offers this expedited turnaround as standard practice.

Pay It Forward

We make a donation to a patient foundation for every referral that takes longer than 2 hours plus a smaller donation for the referrals that make the deadline.

Financial Assistance

Last year we successfully linked BioPlus patients to $7.2 million in foundation grants and co-pay assistance to help cover high co-pays and deductibles.

Ask a Pharmacist

Our BioPlus Pharmacists are here to assist you 24 hours a day. If you have any questions , please call 888-292-0744 or fill out our online form.

Our Services


You and your patients deserve the best service and managed care for the treatment of complex, chronic diseases. BioPlus uses innovative technology and our 25 years of experience to steward maximized patient outcomes through processes customized to each physician, therapy, and patient. With BioPlus, your patients will benefit from 24/7 access to pharmacists specializing in specific diseases and their treatments. These experts are available to discuss side effects, pharmaceutical alternatives, and prescription pharmacology with your patients. BioPlus engages patients with on-going compliance tactics to ensure excellent adherence and outcomes.


You and your family deserve the best service and care for the treatment of your health condition. Our team of pharmacists, nurses, and technicians are on your side – getting you the medications you need to treat your disease.


Manufacturers realize better market penetration and increased revenue when their medications are able to fully perform as designed. BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s patient care program results in patients remaining on treatment longer than the national average, thereby allowing the treatment to achieve its desired goal.


Payers realize cost reductions through our effectiveness in preventing medication waste as well as unnecessary physician appointments and hospital visits. We accomplish results through innovative solutions and services.

The Multiple Forms of Multiple Sclerosis

A lot has changed since 1996. Not surprisingly, MS experts have taken advantage of newtechnologies and diagnostic and treatment tools to reexamine the accuracy of MS types.