Specialty RxAssist

The RxAssist programs at BioPlus support physicians in the increasingly complex and time-consuming prescribing process.

The RxAssist programs encompass a team of BioPlus professionals who review the patient’s insurance benefit plan, get authorizations, identify alternative financial aid (if necessary), assist with the management of side effects, and provide 24/7 phone access to pharmacists including nights, weekends, and holidays.

If a patient’s benefit plan requires him or her to work with another pharmacy, we even forward the prescription to that pharmacy instead of shifting that administrative burden to the physician’s office. At every turn, BioPlus lightens your load so that you can get back to practicing medicine without being mired in administrative details.

Specialty pharmacy medications are complex treatment for complex conditions. As such, these medications present challenges to patients, in terms of the high cost of treatment, timing of medications, medication administration, and/or side effects. Our RxAssist programs address each of these treatment challenges so that patients have the best chance for optimal outcomes.

Additional features of the high touch, patient-centric RxAssist programs include:

  • An initial consult with a Doctor of Pharmacy for every patient starting a new therapy includes an assessment of the patient, education for the patient about the medication protocol, and a detailed explanation of the plan of care.
  • Home delivery of medications.
  • If the therapy involves injected medications, hands-on injection training with a nurse either in the patient’s home or in a group setting is provided so that patients feel comfortable and confident administering their own medication injections.
  • On the day medications are started, BioPlus staff will check on the patient to provide a dose reminder, as well as answer any questions or clarify the medication schedule.
  • This patient contact will be repeated, if needed.
  • A dose reminder system using texts, e-mail, or phone calls is available.
  • The patient’s physician can review all of this information about the patient through BioPlus, TAP App.


Our specialists work directly with the insurance company on all authorizations, medical information, and paperwork needed to establish a patient’s medication coverage. If a patient does not have coverage for the prescribed medication or if the costs are too high, our specialists can even investigate other coverage options for the patient.