TAP Appsm from BioPlus saves you time. TAP App improves communication and decreases the administrative burden of reimbursement, prescription writing, adherence monitoring, and drug list reviews.

Sign up here for BioPlus’ TAP App. You’ll love what our TAP App can do for your office. Whether you use it on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop – it gives you full visibility of your patients while they are being serviced by our specialty pharmacy.

TAP App puts the pharmacy chart right inside your office so you can enjoy:

  • Easier communication with our pharmacy
  • Streamlined prescription writing
  • Less administrative burden in the reimbursement process
  • Seamless adherence monitoring
  • Instant access to drug list reviews
  • E-referrals

With TAP App you get real-time pharmaceutical monitoring, access to your patients from initial intake through benefit verification and shipping, and the ability to review outcome data, such as medication adherence issues, medication possession ratios, and adverse drug reactions.

Do I have to be a BioPlus prescriber to use TAP App?
Yes. To become a prescriber, simply submit your first referral via fax and your account will be set up automatically. You will then be mailed instructions about how to activate your account. 
Where can I get more information on TAP App?
 You can visit, www.bio-tapapp.com for more information, features list and more.

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Where do I log in to TAP App?
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