15 April 2014
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A Special Touch

Brittany Trane knew that she’d really found the right place to work, soon after starting at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. One of the first patients she interacted with was Craig*, a patient with multiple sclerosis, who had been prescribed a new medication, called Rebif®. Rebif is used in the relapsing form of multiple sclerosis, to decrease [...]

8 April 2014
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Patient Adherence Goes Up as Out-of-Pocket Costs Go Down

The sky-rocketing cost of healthcare certainly isn’t breaking news. There is, however, an unfortunate trend related to these rising fees. As costs increasingly shift from payers onto the patients themselves – through greater out-of-pocket costs – finances for some patients hit a threshold which impacts adherence. In other words, some patients are simply getting priced [...]

1 April 2014
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Patient Assistance Lends a Hand

Specialty pharmacy continues to see annual increases in terms of U.S. spending on prescriptions for the treatment of complex or chronic diseases. URAC estimates that specialty drugs account for more than $50 billion of U.S. drug expenditures and comprises nearly 20 percent of the total pharmaceutical revenue. Specialty pharmacy is expected to make up approximately [...]

25 March 2014
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Better Cancer Screening Tests

Kimberly M. Hicks, Pharm.D., M.H.A., Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Screening tests are well-known and regularly used for several cancers, including breast cancer and cervical cancer; however, there are many other cancer sites that lack an effective early detection tool. That could soon be changing for lung cancer and prostate cancer. Lung cancer [...]

18 March 2014
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Get in Sync

Medication syncing – that is, synchronizing a patient’s medications so they are filled at the same time – improves adherence and creates better patient outcomes, which is why it’s long been standard practice for our specialty pharmacy. Medication syncing becomes even more important the greater the number of medications a patient is taking. Timing refills [...]