About BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Welcome to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.

Who are we? We are an independent, national specialty infusion pharmacy. We provide high-touch services and specialty pharmaceuticals for patients with chronic diseases such as bleeding disorders, hepatitis, cancer, and many other conditions, including those who need IgG therapy.

We do far more than fill prescriptions. At BioPlus we pride ourselves on being a specialty pharmacy that lowers costs while increasing patient compliance. This leads to an overall better experience for you. Side effects are readily managed, adherence is improved, and the best outcome is achieved. You can rely on us for high quality care for your complex chronic condition.

BioPlus: A Name You Can Trust As one of the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacies, we don’t just dispense medicines. Instead, we treat each of our patients with an individual pharmaceutical care plan to make sure that their biologic specialty medicines have the intended results.

Our employees and company as a whole are committed to excellence in both service and patient outcomes. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve put our company under the microscope to be thoroughly vetted by several independent, accrediting bodies.

Our Mission Our Vision The BioPlus Way
BioPlus specializes in disease/therapy management. As pioneers of specialty pharmacy, we measurably improve both financial and therapeutic outcomes of biotech medications. Our goal is to transform specialty pharmacy by leading the innovative practice of patient-centric, outcome-oriented pharmaceutical care. The BioPlus Way is to deliver specialty pharmacy solutions that measurably improve adherence to a plan of care, ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes, and lighten the administrative burden of physicians offices, all while ensuring moral, legal, and ethical conduct.

Compliance By the Numbers

Maximizing patient outcomes has always been a priority here at BioPlus. Our latest compliance statistics from a sampling of our treatment programs – which includes more than 22,200 BioPlus patients treated for hepatitis C, oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and other conditions – shows that we achieve a 91 percent compliance rate at discharge.

By comparison, the compliance rate for retail and mail-order pharmacies is only 50 percent. Clearly, the high-touch patient focus of our unique specialty pharmacy model is achieving the goal of ensuring treatment and improving outcomes. We’d love to help you, as well.

We’re pharmacist-owned and licensed in all 50 states.