BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s expertise has resulted in millions of dollars saved through the elimination of wasted medical claims.

Payers realize cost reductions through our effectiveness in preventing medication waste as well as unnecessary physician appointments and hospital visits. We accomplish results through innovative solutions and services.

BioPlus has developed the specialized expertise, powerful innovation, and relationships that result in measurably higher than average success with true, measurable improvements in patient outcomes.

BioPlus helps improve efficiency and save costs with processes and technology flexible enough to adapt to the specialized medications, therapy requirements, care providers, and payers relevant to each unique patient.

Adherence and compliance occur naturally as a result of our innovative ability to monitor and ensure optimal patient treatment and outcomes.

Our services to physicians all lead to improvements in treatment outcomes and savings to payers :

  • BioPlus informs physicians and patients about medications relevant to the diagnosis.
  • BioPlus educates patients about managing side effects.
  • BioPlus provides verification of all insurance plans and initiates prior authorization.
  • BioPlus helps each patient determine the best means of insurance coverage and produces immediate answers.
  • BioPlus assists patients in obtaining financial aid or assistance through our relationships with foundations, agencies, and drug manufacturers’ assistance programs.